Sunday, February 25, 2007

Odds and Ends V

A real post is in the makings, but may not be done for a few days. Until that, enjoy these links.

  • Al Mohler discusses the TIME cover article on crisis-pregnancy centers as encouraging to the pro-life movement.
  • Michael Flaherty, president of Walden Media, gave an excellent speech at Hillsdale a few months ago about reading books and redeeming Hollywood.
  • The Wall Street Journal describes the deficiencies in the new Wilberforce movie Amazing Grace; namely, the way it downplays the role of faith in the whole anti-slavery movement. Not to diss the movie or anything, since my parents liked it and I plan on seeing it, but I find this disheartening. (HT Justin Taylor)
  • Have you heard? James Cameron, Academy Award-winning director of Titanic, is out to prove that the bodies of Jesus, Mary Magdelene, and his children have been found. Thankfully, James White has details and the proper apologetic response to these charges. (HT Centuri0n)


  • There are new Demotivators! Here's my favorite, for your viewing pleasure:
  • God Version 6.0 has been released. It's softer, non-judgmental, and totally compatible with any faith type! Plus it's been totally restructured! It's a sure-fire winner, get yours today! (HT Dan Phillips)
  • Casey posted a way to find your gangsta name, Witness Protection name, and superhero name. I like my Star Wars name: Brasa Stroc (my complete results are in the fourth comment down).


  • Greg Patillo is a beatboxing flute player...need I say more to convince you to watch him perform Inspector Gadget? (HT Kevin)


I'm reading an amazing book right now by Stephen Ambrose. It's his personal reflections as a historian, and I encountered this amazingly profound quote about our presidents.

The Washington Monument and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials remind us that greatness comes in different forms and at a price. Jefferson, by his words, gave us aspirations. Washington, through his actions, showed us what was possible. Lincoln's courage turned both into reality.


I used to always do this on my Xanga, but since I've mostly abandoned that, I'll start posting my favorite comics from the week on here. I will mainly be drawing on Pearls Before Swine, Frazz, The Buckets, and Monty, with the occasional Foxtrot and Peanuts thrown in. (Can anyone tell me where to find a daily online syndication of Calvin and Hobbes or Farside that doesn't cost money?)


pedro del piero said...

I think that review of Amazing Grace is not accurate. They portrayed his sentiments against antislavery and very closely linked it with his religious convictions.

Just watch the movie. It was excellent.

John said...

Here's a place you can get C&H: