Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Odds and Ends VII

Someday these posts might actually come on a regular day, on a regular week-by-week basis. Today is not that day, however. There's a good line-up this edition, though, so enjoy it anyways!

  • Phil Johnson blogged last week on why every Christian is a Calvinist of sorts, whether they believe it or not. I thought this was particularly applicable to the discussion we had a few weeks ago (and which I have every intention of restarting in the near future).
  • The Washington Post published an editorial a few weeks ago which admits that the "surge" in Iraq may be succeeding. Coming from the Post, this means a lot.
  • Dan Phillips explains why Christianity is a rational religion.
  • Tim Challies compares Al Gore's "carbon offsets" to indulgences, and demonstrates the human desire for justice, even if perverted.
  • David Limbaugh condemns the politicization of the recent firing of eight U.S. attorneys with his signature wit and insight.
  • Al Mohler evaluates prominent postmodernist Stanley Fish and his statement that the Bible cannot be studied as just literature...and agrees wholeheartedly.
  • Tim Challies talks about the gray points of life (like two girls born conjoined in the torso), and how we can treat them with biblical discernment.


  • FCN gives a guide to girl's cosmetics...which seemed particularly relevant since I was forced to wear some of this stuff during Godspell.
  • Better be careful when you follow directions on Google Maps. It just might give you results such as these (look at step 20).
  • Beatboxing is cool, especially in the kitchen. I'll have to try this recipe sometime.
  • I guess the book is pretty difficult to use in some parts of the world...this reminds me of my mom's response sometimes when I'm helping her on the computer.


  • In light of my recent Godspell performance, I thought this interpretation of "All for the Best" was very amusing. I would have given a lot to see our Judas do this.
  • A library organization did a study to see which books appear the most on library shelves. Here is the very interesting breakdown...good to know the Bible was right at the top, but Mother Goose at number 3? That's a little strange.
  • A Spanish family has photographed itself every year for the past 30 years...and the progression is pretty cool to watch.
  • For my fellow David Crowder fans out there, this is great: a Bulgarian performance of "No One Like You."
  • And for my fellow Narnia fans, Douglas Gresham (C.S. Lewis's stepson) discusses the filming of Prince Caspian and the effects of the Narnia books on the world.


My handbook for membership to my church (my Starting Point journal) had this wonderful little clarification in it that I thought was remarkably profound.

At regeneration, the power of sin is broken and we are made alive in Christ. In justification, the penalty of sin is removed as we are declared righteous in Christ. In sanctification, the pollution of sin is progressively removed as we are made holy in Christ.

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Allie said...

Very good Sam! Those were very entertaining links. I think the "All for the Best" rap was...interesting. I really don't know how else to describe it. But I can't believe all the actors were wearing shades of gray!