Monday, April 30, 2007

III Movies

So I have to admit that I am pretty excited about several of the movies coming out this summer, even though the vast majority of them are sequels. Actually--I found this amusing--most of the blockbusters this summer will be III movies, not just sequels. For example, the one's I'm really excited about:

Plus there are some III movies that I might see, although I'm not expecting much from them:

Then of course, there are a few movies that aren't III movies that should still be good:

Why do I bring this up here? No particular reason except that 1) I don't have time for a real post and 2) I'm going to see Spidy 3 at the midnight showing this week, so it's on my mind. Hope it lives up to its predecessors!

(And guess what? Batman Begins has a sequel coming out next year, with the original cast and Christopher Nolan back at the helm, and it's called The Dark Knight. So excited!)


Karyn said...

yahoo!!!! i love batman (he's the only superhero i actually like...most likely becasue he has no actual powers.)

Michelle said...

Yeah, there are so many movies coming out this summer that I want to see!! Can you tell us how Spiderman 3 is? I'm hoping to see it tomorrow, after I take my SAT. It looks really good.

Peter Wilson said...

ditto karyn. Batman is the only truly cool superhero.