Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Books I'm Reading

Well, Karyn has tagged me about what I'm reading, so here goes:

Just finished: A Brief History of the Western World. This textbook was pretty amazing in that it condensed all of Western civilization into 600 pages, and did it very well. I'll admit that I skimmed the last thirty years of history, which I'm already familiar with, although I did read the sections on philosophy and culture. I haven't actually finished a real book in quite a while.

Just beginning: Well, not having just finished something besides textbooks, it's hard to say I've just begun anything either. I guess I have recently begun The Gift of Prophecy by Wayne Grudem, because I wanted to understand how prophecy as practiced in my church could be considered biblical. My Bible reading did not seem to support the view, but after getting about halfway through the book, I can see the solid biblical foundations for non-authoritative prophecy. My theology now lines up with my practice, which I'm very happy about.

In the middle of: The Divine Comedy by Dante. Well, I've been trying to get through it for quite a while, but have not had much time. I'm almost finished with Inferno, and I may just stop there, which would be a real shame, but I'd rather read a lot of books this summer than be stuck in one semi-interesting one. However, I am enjoying it quite a bit, I just find it hard to pick up.

Planning to read next: The Count of Monte Cristo. It became my favorite book a few years ago when I read it, and I just want to read it again to refresh myself.

Now I tag Peter, Brielle, and Liz, plus anyone else who wants to do it.


Andrew said...

Great list of books! What is your favorite novel? "The Count"?

Peter Wilson said...

Okay. So I went along with your little game... mostly. Actually I quite enjoyed filling that out.

Great books. I can always count on Sam to give good book recommendations.

Sophie said...

What do you mean by tag?

Karyn said...

hey sam, who is peter (or if you are reading this, who are you??) just curious since i like to know who is commenting on my blog. thanks!!!

Lizzy said...

don't worry, karen. he's safe. ;)

Lizzy said...

haha, and yeah, i know that is not nec. a compliment, lol.