Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Odds and Ends XI

Whew, it's been almost a month since my last Odds and Ends post, and I have a lot of great links to share with you guys.

  • Nathan Williams at Pulpit examines the concept of God's "foreknowledge", which is very applicable to the post I will soon be writing in response to Karyn about predestination.
  • I linked to the Wilson-Hitchens debate taking place over on Christianity Today last time, but now the debate is over and someone has compiled all the arguments into one PDF. Wilson tore him apart nicely, I think.
  • Joe Thorn explains why it is good for Christians to go to the movies, an argument I have been trying to make for years.
  • Al Mohler reviews The Dangerous Book for Boys, which sounds like just what our effeminate culture really needs.
  • Centuri0n points to a statement from a top NASA official that makes one of the most critical arguments against the whole global warming controversy: how do we know that the current temperature of the earth is the best?
  • John MacArthur spent a week evaluating the Roman Catholic Church's claim to authority in interpreting the Scriptures.



  • If you're like me and let your emails pile up on you, this article will be invaluable: how to clean out your Gmail inbox and keep it clean. I'm planning on implementing some of these suggestions today as I clean out the 300 emails in my inbox.
  • A fellow Na attendee posted this video recap of the conference...I almost walked in on him interviewing someone in an elevator while I was there.
  • C.S. Lewis explains why it is we enjoy which I give a hearty "Amen!"
  • Steven Speilburg and Peter Jackson are producing a trilogy of Tintin films! I grew up on those books, so I can't wait to see what they do with them.
  • I want one of these tables...will Bill Gates never stop?


One of my favorite humorists is Patrick McManus, who writes about hunting, fishing, camping, and all things outdoors. Reading one of his stories, no matter how many times I've read it before, never fails to bring a smile to my face. In one of his stories, "The Worry Box," he talks about an old man with whom he goes fishing, and they have the following exchange:

"Why are you always so cheerful?" I growled. "Must be because you have so few worries."

"Nope," he said. "It's because every morning this incredibly wonderful thing happens to me."

"I'm not so sure I want to hear this," I said, "but what's the incredibly wonderful thing?"

"I wake up again! Dad-gum if that don't make my day!"

If only we all had that view of life, I think we would all be a lot happier.


neal said...

so, you're a tintin fan too? geez, i thought i was the only one...and yes, i thought you'd forgotten about the H Potter post-i'm still looking forward to it.

Sophie said...

Which Neal are you? I know only one, but I know that there are more than one in the world.
I'm guessing that you are my cousin, because I just talked to you yesterday about Sam's blog. Am I right?

I'm a Tintin fan also. i have read all of them...unless they came out with more.

Sophie said...

I finally got that quote! I read it the first time really quick and didn't get it. I love it!

Karyn said...

Since this is for odds and ends. I did spell the name of the game right. There are like...a zillion ways to spell it, and how exactly is it a commentary on communism??

The version I play was taught to me by a guy who learned it at an Air Force Encampment.

Sophie said...

What game? The blocks in the box?

Guess what! My friend's computer is really, and I mean REALLY slow. So when I played it I got up to 61. something seconds!

Karyn said...

No, this game has nothing to do with sam's post, just a comment Sam made on my blog.

and to continue, even wikipedia says the game was derived from the German game Mou Mou. So that has nothing to do with Chairman Mao, nor a commentary on communisim. Plus, i think you can spell the game however you want...again, in the article that you quoted, there are many alternate spellings, and with such variety on the game, I think that they might have missed some.

Allison said...

ha ha, great odds and ends. I love that section of your blog. Oh! And I actually got on out of my own free will, without you linking here or anything :)