Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In awe of God's goodness

So as I was writing yesterday's post, I wasn't feeling so great (which is obvious from some of the stuff I wrote down). After taking my temperature, my parents decided that I had a fever and that I should skip Bible class and rest. I promptly took a three-and-a-half hour nap. Of course, with my schedule for this week, that was the last thing I wanted to do. I had a major research paper due that afternoon, I had to start on my incredibly difficult Hillsdale Honors' Application, and I had several hours of Latin homework to finish by this time this morning. Obviously, I was feeling a little discouraged, wondering why on earth I would have to get sick on that day of all days. Then I stumbled across an article by Dan Phillips on trusting God, and he had this quote that helped me throughout the rest of the day:

Christian friend, if you are going to believe what you say you believe, then there are only two kinds of situations:

1. Situations in which you will see God's goodness immediately.
2. Situations in which you will see God's goodness eventually.

This is another of those marvelous truths that I so quickly lose sight of. God is ALWAYS good, no matter what the situation may be. I was then able to pass the same wisdom on to a friend dealing with chronic illness and lifted her up as well. So thank you Dan Phillips for your timely wisdom, and thank you God for your everlasting goodness!

(By the way, I'm still sick this morning, so if you could pray for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.)

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pedro del piero said...

Now that's a good quote.