Friday, March 09, 2007

Odds and Ends VI

So I've been sick all week, but am finally getting better (except for this nasty headcold that's decided to stick around). That explains my apparent abandoning of the Romans meditations...hopefully they'll be back next week. So in lieu of a more intelligent post, here are this week's Odds and Ends.
  • The Resolved Conference was a few weeks ago, and all the messages (from greats such as John MacArthur, C.J. Mahaney, and John Piper) are available as a free download here. Can't wait to listen to them. (HT Challies)
  • This has been a good week for Dan Phillips. First there was his post about God's goodness that I mentioned a few days ago, and then he gave this meditation on the death of John Piper's father earlier this week (see below for key quote). May all our epitaphs be "What he had, he used."


  • The fight of the century! Barney versus Hip Hop Harry! Who will win? I think it's pretty clear cut (I've never seen little kids do moves quite like that before).
  • FCN is convinced that George Washington didn't exist, and they're holding the Washington Seminar to discuss it. Anyone interested?
  • For those of you who missed the Oscars, here is one of the most amazing choirs ever performing scenes from classic movies.
  • My pal John Benefiel sent me this link...I dunno, you think Google might be spying on us?



It's funny, isn't it? Some single people will get married, some won't. But all think about it. We think a lot about many things that may or may not ever happen to us. But the one thing that is about as statistically certain — our death — many seemingly never give much serious thought. --Dan Phillips


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